School Uniform Project

The School Uniform Project has two main components: it provides uniforms to students and provides an income to local women in the village who established a sewing co-operative to produce the uniforms. New school uniforms are given, as needed, to children aged 6-12 years old – one classroom at a time.

The program first started in 2006 when our founder was in Jambiani and identified 100 children as being in desperate need of a new uniform. She was able to purchase these uniforms with funds raised prior to her trip. It was amazing to see the beaming smiles of the children when they put their new uniforms on for the first time. It seemed that they grew an inch with pride and confidence as they admired their new attire. To date, more than 800 new school uniforms have been provided to students at the Jambiani School.

This project is an excellent opportunity to teach your child to become a global citizen by raising funds to purchase uniforms for their peers in Jambiani. Suggestions include an increasingly popular fundraiser, the “Half for You and Half for Me” birthday party. Attendees are invited to contribute cash (i.e. $10) in lieu of a present; the birthday child keeps half and donates the other half to charity.

The cost of one school uniform is $13.

To see other donation options please go to our Donate page.