Family Sponsorship Project

Established in 2006, the Family Sponsorship Project provides start-up costs to families to establish their own businesses and break the cycle of poverty.

Director Mrisho Vuaa, a highly respected local Zanzibari, works with families to identify their skills, interests and abilities. He then provides training and ongoing mentorship to ensure the businesses are successful.

Examples of businesses include:

  • a produce stand which also sells kerosene and kangas (traditional women’s garments)
  • handmade soaps using island spices; sold to locals and tourist shops in Stone Town
  • sale of daily caught fish; a fridge was purchased to keep fish fresh; sold to locals and area restaurants
  • artisan breads; an oven was purchased; 80 loaves of bread which sell out daily

Flocks of chickens are provided to families to raise the chicks then eventually use the eggs to feed their families and sell any surplus eggs as a small business.  Other families sell the 2nd generation of chickens for meat.

A donation of $250 provides a family with the tools or inventory needed to establish a business and includes the training and mentoring necessary to ensure success.

Your donation of $100 provides a family with a flock of chickens.

To see other donation options please go to our Donate page.