Breakfast Project

A person’s ability to absorb information is greatest when still a young child; this ability should never be disrupted by hunger pains and fatigue associated with not having enough to eat.  Our Breakfast Project ensures pre-school and primary aged children obtain a strong start to their days, and will have lasting, positive effects as they continue their education.

Our Breakfast Project was implemented in 2007 and at that time we provided breakfast to 350 pre-school children in 3 of the local Jambiani nursery schools.  In December 2014 we expanded the Breakfast Project to include daily breakfast for 300 primary school students so we now provide daily breakfast to over 650 young students.

The breakfast provided consists of porridge made with flour, grains, red beans, coconut, and fresh spices grown on the island such as cumin, cardamom and cinnamon.  The combination of ingredients provides basic nutrition to school children who would otherwise be trying to learn on empty stomachs.  It increases their ability to focus, be creative, and learn.

Our Breakfast Project employs 8 women from the village of Jambiani who prepare and serve the breakfast and clean up afterwards. The women’s weekly wage provides a stable monthly income for her and her family.

The cost to provide a child with a daily serving of porridge is $1.53/month.

A donation of $40 will provide daily breakfast for 26 children for a month.  

To see other donation options please go to our Donate page.